the fly

Actually I wanted to write about our autumn hike today because I finished the processing just few minutes ago. However I will show the absolute fantastic autumn pictures later, because there is the same location as in the last blog posts. And the warm autumn colors will also be perfect for cold winter days. Actually I have a problem with my blog and the photos. In the last weeks I was really often on tour with my camera. I have so many photos that I could publish the whole winter every second day but I'm to lazy for writing. Maybe I bring sometimes Blogposts without text. It depends on how I feel like it. I want to show the photos not years later. 
Be that as it may today I'm going to show you some macro photos from flies. I love flies and it's really interesting to watch them. I'm absolutely fascinated by the eyes and it's on every photo my goal to get sharp eyes. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Second important point for me in macro photography is the composition. The problem with that is, that insects are really agile. If the composition is super, I often miss sharpness and vice versa. At the end it's not really important because it's just a hobby and the time hunting insects with the camera is like meditation. This is the most important point in hobbies. Escape the stress from work and set a focus on an object which is in another world. Exactly this is for me photography. With these words I would say have a nice Sunday evening and enjoy the next week.