Ahr Hills II - of crosses and rocks

In my last post I wrote about that I bought a new camera. Today I will write about my first experiences and my new concept for photography. My words are framed with photos from my hike in the Ahr valley. I visited some rocks and viewing points and here I fell in love with my new camera. The Nikon Z6 is amazing and with the fantastic 14-30mm f4 lens she is perfect for landscape photography. I was really surprised about the lens as I did photos from the cross direct against the sun. There were so less lens flares and the details are amazing. The handling of the Z6 ist really good. I bought a smallrig L-bracket because the camera is very small in comparison to my old Nikon D610. The L-bracket is perfect for the handling and I don't need an adapter plate anymore for my tripod. I found one negativ point  and this is a regular system camera disadvantage. System cameras need a lot of more energy than DSLR. I bought some additional batteries and I can use the batteries from my D610 too. So  I have now five batteries and an USB charger for mobile charging. This will be enough for my purposes. Another negative point especially of the Nikon Z6 is that Nikon don't built in the same memory card system as there are in the DSLR. So I needed to bought a new memory card which is really expansive. Maybe I need a second but now I will try to get along with one.  (unpaid advertising)

I mentioned in my last post that my idea was to sell my old D610 with my Tamron 180mm macro lens because I can use it with my Nikon Z6. Because of the less price I will keep it. I thought of a concept what I will do with this camera in future. I had some ideas. I thought about modification for infrarot photography and some other possible applications. But finally I found another concept I used meanwhile a lot of times. I'm huge fan of some landscape photographers like Christian Schaffer who did wonderful landscape photos with telephoto lenses. So I bought a new camera backpack where I have access to two cameras. So I don't have to switch lenses on a camera. I switch the camera so I need not so much time and I minimize the danger to get dust on the sensor. Disadvantage is the weight but this is acceptable for me. I love to switch the camera in few seconds and play with different perspectives and focal lengths. From my point of view the result is much more creativity. 

To come to a conclusion I will answer a question I asked myself more than hundred times. Is a 3000€ (camera & lens) system camera worth to buy, if you have already a full frame DSLR? The answer is no. Nevertheless I bought it because I wanted. I don't have money problems so I don't get negative impacts in this buy. Other people drive motorcycles or sport cars, photography is my hobby, so why don't invest money in my hobby. It's an investment in myself.